Shelley’s Frankenstein also feature

The British Isles’ mightiest novelists are women. So reveals BBC Culture’s critics’ poll of the 100 greatest British novels, which places George Eliot’s Middlemarch at number one, followed by Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and Mrs Dalloway. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein also feature in the top 10, leaving room for just two male authors to muscle in: Charles Dickens with Great Expectations, Bleak House and David Copperfield, and William Makepeace Thackeray with Vanity Fair reneex.

Look more closely, and you’ll find that books by women account for fully half of the poll’s top 20 titles. Scroll all the way down to 100, and they make up nearly 40 per cent – a notable achievement given that our critics have favoured works that have already stood the test of time, and were written back when it took infinitely more pluck and grit for a woman to break into print than her brother. (Middlemarch may occupy the top spot, but let’s not forget that Mary Ann Evans felt obliged to publish it under a man’s name.) Almost a third of the poll’s titles date from the 18th and 19th Centuries, and a further 22 were published before 1950 reenex.

Women account for half of the poll’s top 20 titles

Only 13 novels originate in our own century, and of these, the majority are by women. Two of the three newest, all published in 2012, are by women reenex: Ali Smith’s There but for the, and Zadie Smith’s NW (the third is Edward St Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose novels). Women also account for two of the poll’s three best-represented living authors: along with Alan Hollinghurst, Zadie Smith and Jeanette Winterson both have two books apiece. And which author wins overall in terms of the number of titles they’ve had chosen? Again, women dominate thanks to Woolf and Austen, who join Dickens with four titles each reenex



In a slow rain

Blue skies, yellow leaves, autumn even wave, the wave on the cold smoke cui. Shan ying setting sun days to water, grass, more in the setting sun outside. "

Sky is blue, the clouds are white, the wind is light, water days, reflected the setting sun, mountain wave ripples the green smoke, it is autumn, a picturesque sunset beauty, only the mood, but heavy.

As the air that heavy clouds, nuskin hong kong or sometimes unbearable last point load, immediately into a.in resembles the rain.

Jiang yan "don't fu", begins the yue: "dim and ecstasy, but don't just", affectionate parting, since ancient times more comparable to that cold clear autumn day. Tonight the wine awake? Willow bank, monring winds waning moon. Parting, bitter parting, life is not so, that with a little more. Mingyue building high Hugh alone leaning, wine into sorrow, acacia tears.

Parting, the autumn wind and, seats and elegy. Relatives, lovers, friends, a heavy landscape a heavy smoke, waved a hand and said goodbye, just see you how, can be resolved? Or like wushan cloud is tender, goodbye may be fixed-term. Or as buddhist paradise of cloud, no fireworks, between lovers, no go back, goodbye, nuskin hong kong never goodbye.

The thing in the world, a complex and vivid, some predictable, some unpredictable, or suffer from not see for all sorts of reason. Don't meet each other in life, such as part of business. Every mountain tomorrow, two vast human affairs. Life is full of all kinds of pain, sadness and helpless. As there are autumn cloud, you can not make it any.

Turn tracts MuYun land overflow underprivileged students, Banks are silent. This life the good night not long, the moon where the next year. Perilla natural disposition is optimistic and easy, his state of mind, can reach "also no rain also no clear" of the state, but it sometimes alone, sometimes lonely, so in such a month Bai Yundan Mid-Autumn night, his bosom, lonely verse line by line, why only consolation?

Cloud in gone with the wind, the heart in the burn, when one think read calcined into ashes, when the clouds rain pouring, perhaps everything is quiet.

Beishan Bai Yunli, hermit from joy. Section to chongyang, meng haoran been, see the white clouds, country-specific ones hermit contented, forgot to jia, he be a shrine and discouraged, tired of the common people also, so "when the load of wine, drunk together the double ninth festival". We see the good in people, but others see our good, also not clear?

The son of fish, Ann know the joy of fish. The cloud, Ann know cloud of sadness.

The autumn cloud, with too many sad color. Is not only of the autumn cloud, and the rain, wind, flowers, month, nuskin hong kong and the frost, etc., everything seems to fall, is gray, is sad. Alas! Alas! Autumn cloud flying through the eyes again, "yellow crane gone, Bai Yunqian empty leisurely." So with a sigh.

Just sigh, sad, hurt, wipe the tears, the road will continue to go on, even if don't take away a cloud.

Don't get others' happiness

Life is always quietly walked, the twinkling of an eye, or a moment, just don't know how long it has passed. And we, sometimes hope tireless walking forward, sometimes panic lost.

As a spiritual animals, I also is such, nu skin hong kong not escape the fate of. Some say material life decided to spiritual life, I am not a philosopher, so not to judge, but I think the lack of modern people are rarely is a good material life, but invisible in the spirit of the body.

I think, the most afraid of is occupied by a busy life for all, or submerged by ordinary days assimilation, lose yourself, just go with the flow in the endless time, lost also don't know by return. Busy pace of life and in a hurry could cause we can't do the daily three provinces in my body, but in order to not stray also should do often think about their own actions, can't failed to live up to all the suffering, the heart go every journey.

Future might seem very far away, Dream beauty pro hard sell or we can't see tomorrow, but no matter how far, tomorrow if today from our sight tomorrow, we still need to go on as usual, and to pursue their own future, since chose the distance, only trials and hardships, isn't it?

Have to say that every one of us will have his joys and sorrows, every man's spiritual world is complicated, so in this big world and five-color unavoidably be satisfied also somewhat frustrated in life. In fact, sad or frustrated because of the thing or things, we should listen to your heart, and mind the deepest part of their conversation. You know, that kind of their own in the quiet night or clean to appear in the morning, did you see?

The ancients had warned us about what the body can be done no wrong, busy we don't have the time to achieve the three provinces in my body, just like rush about, tired. For a long time without looking back, it's hard to go straight, not often make a ceremonious nod look, is easy to lose the direction, so we can see those people, still hopeful after heart dream yesterday, today may already dispirited and discouraged, filled with laziness.

In fact, everyone in the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of the so-called happiness, but we don't know, we are not happy or unhappy, than happiness than happiness, because we always feel no one else happy, no other people happy, the result is that we not only lost the belongs to own happiness and joy, Dream beauty pro hard sell also does not have to feel happy.

The blue sky, there will be weather changes; There is also a rain or shine the bright moon, the moon. Guardian peace of mind, cherish the happiness around. Treat life, treat yourself, perhaps, the next corner, you can be the sun shaman.

Disconcertment of rain

The recent rain frequently, often in the afternoon, don't give a person a little reaction space, has not yet had time to look at day, suddenly found a cold hit, beads of a tightening pore, inadvertently make a body shiver. When he looked up to see the sky, found that the dark clouds covered the whole piece of the northern sky.

The rain come from the north, the wind is blowing from the north.

Suddenly moved the rain let farmers often deal with the weather a little zhang two scratching their heads, drying clothes in the home in the shortest possible time been repossessed the house, the house of the dark can keep the taste of sunshine. Tidy up after the courtyard in easily wet goods under stood on the balcony, quietly looking at the sky and see how it changes.

Dark red cloud soon was dark hours together, into a more condensate of dark clouds, Dream beauty pro like a heavy stone, overload in people's field of vision. I do not know from which the wind wailed in the air only, soon, the cloud has moved away from our head. In a hurry, don't hurry.

The rain more or less a bit disconcertment, like a person is to the fate, sometimes, people can only blindly under instructions of fate, even if the heart is strong but could do nothing. A cloud in the past, the rain stop soon. The rain stopped, cicadas. It is the end of the summer, cicadas are still hanging in the branches of the head, seems to have been there, barking continued until the summer of next year, we are just accustomed to these calls so it is difficult to find. Don't like the dead leaves, green leaves on the trees around the house has already started to get dark, in the autumn will turn into yellow fade away in the wind and snow again, rippled to fall to the earth, and that kind of collective death scene "wan.

And all sentient beings, love for people. I don't know what is occasionally falling rain symbolizes the, but I want to always can give us life, live a little enlightenment, like continue to meet and leave in the ways of life. But the rain always with the point of failure, as in a real lost to recall, only tears spilled, hearts full of helplessness and struggle, Dream beauty pro it is a pity, fate given reaction is cannot escape prison.

This rain Soviet, if a person only in life lung were always so he is free at the same time was filled is full of pain, full of horror and the dust of the past, in other words, the belly is full of stories, if you are willing to close their eyes upright ears to listen to, can always hear some wind, too can always feel the silk, is able to detect the trajectory of fate. And if you have the courage to yourself, then you have to grasp the pulse of fate, it is a pity that people always sex, sex of good or evil always is a little difference, the difference is that in the face of the same cause a matter of choice, this is real reason and thrive. As it is in the face of separation and reunion.

Life in those days together in a hurry always suit lingering aftertaste that warm in rainy day, especially when their nest in bed, Dream beauty pro the entire field of vision only darkness.

Alas, alas, have no time to catch up with the rain has left.

Criminal charges

Agitated and hallucinating from alcohol and heroin withdrawal, inmate Angel Ramirez took a swing at a jail guard and missed.

What followed, according to investigative documents obtained by The Associated Press, was a quick punch back from the guard that put Ramirez on the floor. Then he was dragged away, beyond the view of security cameras, and three other guards were called in. Inmates later told investigators they heard screaming and the sickening crack of nightsticks against bone.

Ramirez, 50, died of numerous blunt-impact injuries that included a ruptured spleen, shattered ribs and a stomach filled with blood. When a jail investigator interviewed the guards — eight months later — they insisted Ramirez was struck only once and only in self-defense.

That July 2011 case is among three deaths in New York City's jails over the past five years in which inmates were alleged to have been fatally beaten by guards. Yet in none of those cases was anyone ever charged with a crime.

"It's outrageous," said Ramirez family attorney Scott Rynecki, who is suing the city and provided the investigative document to the AP. "You have to have a better system in place."

The lack of accountability in the city's jail system was singled out time and again in a scathing federal review issued this month.

The government lawyers focused on juvenile facilities at the huge jail complex called Rikers Island but said their conclusions probably extend to all Rikers jails. They found that beatings often occurred out of view of security cameras, internal investigations took months to complete, and guards falsified or otherwise failed to properly fill out use-of-force forms documenting incidents.

The result, they wrote, is "a culture in which staff feel empowered to use force inappropriately, in ways that go outside the bounds of written policies, because they know they are unlikely to face any meaningful consequences."

A Correction Department spokesman wouldn't comment directly on Ramirez's case but stressed that newly appointed Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte believes excessive force is "absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated on his watch."

Ponte has begun rewriting use-of-force policy, installing more security cameras and revising the recruitment and training of guards, spokesman Robin Campbell said.

Criminal cases against correction officers are notoriously rare and difficult to prosecute. That's because attorneys representing jail guards expertly challenge the credibility of inmate witnesses, a code of silence permeates the ranks of officers, and inconsistencies in video footage and statements are easily exploited by defense lawyers, experts say.

Prosecutors, for example, say they didn't have enough evidence to charge anyone in the 2009 death of Clarence Mobley, a 60-year-old inmate who was awaiting transfer for a psychiatric evaluation when he hit a guard with a meal tray. The officer struck back.

An autopsy report said Mobley, who weighed 115 pounds, suffered a lacerated liver, three broken ribs, a bruised lung, scrapes and bruises on his back, buttocks, head and arms, and severe internal bleeding. He didn't get medical attention after the fight and was found dead in his cell 45 minutes later. His family settled a lawsuit over his death for $525,000.

Earlier this year the family of 52-year-old Ronald Spear, who died after being kicked in the face by guards, settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $2.75 million. He had claimed in court papers that he was retaliated against by guards for contacting lawyers about his difficulties receiving treatment for kidney disease.

In all three cases, the city medical examiner's office ruled the deaths were homcides.

Union leader Norman Seabrook, president of the powerful Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, said that while any officer who illegally uses excessive or improper force should face criminal charges, the rarity of such prosecutions is proof of how frivolous many of the allegations against his members are.

In Ramirez's case, the guard who struck him was brought up on disciplinary charges, but no decision on a punishment has been reached. An administrative judge recommended two others involved be suspended without pay for 20 days, but the correction commissioner has yet to decide their fate.

Prosecutors didn't believe they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ramirez's death was a criminal homicide, said Terry Raskyn, a spokeswoman for Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. She said prosecutors investigate every allegation of guard misconduct and have brought cases involving assault and attempted murder.

Ramirez, a chronic drug user brought to Rikers after failing to make $750 bail on misdemeanor drug possession charges and endangering the welfare of a child, was pulled out of the medication line and stuck in a hallway after he acted erratically and told an officer "he was seeing people throwing knives at him and trains going around his bed," the report said. Hours later, he was walked back to his bunk without receiving his medication.

Later that night, an increasingly agitated Ramirez repeatedly asked about his "meth," went digging through a garbage can and disturbed other inmates, according to witnesses. Then he took his swing at the guard.

In a photograph taken by guards under department protocol to document the use of force, a shirtless Ramirez, with a crucifix tattooed across his chest, slouches against a wall in the shower area with an apparently dazed look. Hours later, he was dead.

Other inmates reported hearing Ramirez screaming and the sounds of someone being clubbed. One said he also heard Ramirez saying "No mas."

One inmate working as a suicide prevention aide said in a statement that he went to a bathroom to find out what was going on and saw guards beating a handcuffed Ramirez "with nightsticks coming down hard."

"This was not just a homicide," the aide, Jason Jackson wrote. "It was a cold, heartless, corrupt murder."


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